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Sunday School:
Each Sunday Morning at 9:00 a.m.

Worship Service:
Each Sunday Morning at 10:15 a.m.

Wednesday Night Bible Study:
Every Week at 7:00 p.m.



Greetings from the Rock Elvy Church Family:
You are always welcome to the Rock Elvy Missionary Baptist Church. If you are searching for a church where life’s basic purposes and mankind’s deepest needs are met through the teaching of God’s Holy Word, where Jesus Christ is honored Lord over all, or where the people express their belief’s through love, concern, and friendship for one another. Then we encourage you to consider our home becoming your home of worship and fellowship.

Church History

This church building was founded and established down in the woods in front of Mrs. Catherine Tucker’s old home place.  As members joined the church they were baptized in ponds behind local members’ homes. Christian men and women who believed in God moved the church from down in the woods of Shady Grove to its present location today.  As they searched the scriptures upon seeking advice they found “Upon this Rock I will build my Church and gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”  With this in mind, they built and named “Rock Elvy Missionary Baptist Church”. 
Rock Elvy has had many preachers throughout the years. Here is a timeline of our past preachers:

           - 1903-1919—Reverend Caesar

            - 1919-1922—Reverend Chirrion Jackson

            - 1922-1933—Reverend J. Vaughan

            - 1933-1934—Reverend Benny Roberson

            - 1934-1942—Reverend L. J. Caesar

            - 1943-1955—Reverend K. L. Barns

            - 1955-1960—Reverend Palmer

            - 1960-1982—Pastor Roosevelt Sankey

            - 1983-1985—Pastor John H. Curry Jr.

            - 1987-1992—Pastor Henry Patton

            - 1993-1998—Pastor William A. Headd

            - 1998-Present—Pastor Raymond Franklin

      Over the years Rock Elvy has been remodeled, gotten some additions, gained members as well as lost members and to this date there have been 70 baptisms. Rock Elvy currently has 220 enrolled members under the leadership of our Pastor, Raymond Franklin and God continues to bless us each and everyday.


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